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Webinar Speaker: Sherrone Lobban (MA Econ), PMP

About Sherrone Lobban

Sherrone Lobban a former United Nations diplomat and the founder of PMGI and DPM International. She has over 20 years’ experience in development planning, management and evaluation. Her areas of interests are community safety, international peace and security, trade and development, governance; strategic planning; project management; and curriculum development. Sherrone has developed more than 30 courses in project management for both face-face and online delivery. LearnFest Caribbean is another quest to facilitate knowledge transfer that leads to nation-building through development of self, organisation and region.

Sherrone is highly skilled in the analysis of complex information, in the context of economics and Government policies and strategies for the improvement of services, and performance. Through her international work with governments and international organisations such as DFID, IDB, USAID and the United Nations working in and on countries including Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Israel, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, New York, Sudan and Syria, Sherrone has gained a reputation as a skilled and reliable expert. Whilst she has the ability to communicate with staff and managers at the operational level and presenting strategic reports for example to the UN Secretary General outlining high stake recommendations for technical assistance and capacity building, or conducting consultations with national governments, she has exhibited equal adept at communicating and developing programmes at the community level.